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ASR Café

Welcome to the ASR 2021 Conference Café!

Well, not quite. This is the demonstration page we’re using while we set up our system.


Here are three things you can do while you’re waiting. 


Look at your browser tabs. You’ll see that this page opened in a new tab. Just change tabs to go back to the conference. 


Here’s a link where you can test your hardware (in a new tab). Check it out before the conference starts.


Click HERE to view a PDF guide (new tab) to how Lunchpool works.


If you prefer videos, here are: 
A 3-minute video introduction to REMO by its founder.
A (more complete) 6-minute version.
Watch both: they cover slightly different things.


Here’s a map of our café:

When you enter the café:

(Circle 1): Turn on your camera and microphone
(Circle 2 — follow the arrow): Edit your profile, adding your name, photo/avatar, etc.
(Circle 3): Double-click an empty spot at a table and join the conversation

You have a choice of 2-person, 4-person, and 6-person tables.

(Circle 4): You can find other people by checking their avatars.
(Circle 5): Click on “Chat” to see a list of participants on the right
You can message them or find their table and join them.