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REL 260 / MVC 264: Through the Lens of the Soul: Contemplative Photography

REL 260 / MVC 264

Through the Lens of the Soul: Contemplative Photography

A May Term Travel Seminar
May 2017 and May 2021

This course trains students to see the natural world in a new way. Student learn several forms of meditation, then they use these skills to improve their photographic eyes. During the first week, we learn and practice in the Redlands area, in Mill Creek Canyon, at Joshua Tree N.P., etc. The second and third weeks we are on the road: in the Sierra Nevada mountains and along the central California Coast, and in Death Valley National Park. The final week, we return to Redlands to process our photos and to exhibit our work.

Course Leaders:

John Walsh: Chaplain and Professor of Religious Studies

Jim Spickard: Professor of Sociology / Media and Visual Culture

Click here to download the syllabus from our May 2017 course


Photo Galleries from the May 2017 Course

photos by Jim Spickard